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I'm a dreamer and wishes don't work for me

Kristen. 18. My heart lies at home in New York City, though I'm in college elsewhere. I act, sing, and dance. Expect theatre, music, writing, the occasional cat, some laughs, and whatever else tickles my fancy, amongst tidbits of the awkward mess that is my life. users online
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I am beyond heartbroken for Lea okay some of us search out entire lives for the love of our life and she found hers and now he’s just gone like I can’t stop crying

This has got to be the worst result of this. The love of someone’s life is gone. I cant even imagine this pain.

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RIP Cory Monteith

I know I’m NEVER on here anymore, but I was such a big part of the glee fandom when I was 14-16, especially on tumblr, and Cory (Finn) was my absolute favorite character. I’m so incredibly sad its probably ridiculous, but he was phenomenal, especially as a person. I had the privilege to meet him twice and get his autograph. A smile I’ll never forget seeing in person. Fly High, Cory. I fear your addiction snubbed out your life too soon. Addiction is a beast that all too often wins. I just finished my first clinical internship too. Oh my heartthrob.

So happy my favorite band, Pierce the Veil, released another music video! Though this isn’t my favorite video of theirs, Bulls in the Bronx is one of my favorite tracks on Collide with the Sky! These are a couple shots of my favorite moments from it. Loved the part with the pin. Check out the full video here: http://smarturl.it/BullsInTheBronxVid ! <333

I like, barely blog anymore, and I&#8217;m sorry but I came upon this and yup

I like, barely blog anymore, and I’m sorry but I came upon this and yup

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My lovely followers, please follow this blog immediately!

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these win the internet


these win the internet

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Things you’ve probably never thought about


Not a single one of your ancestors has ever failed in getting laid (Most people on tumblr will probably break the chain)

If you are 80 years old, you have lived through over 1/3 of America’s history

At one…

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that would literally make my day. 

that would literally make my day. 

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